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The Bridge between Divinity and Reality——Wangmang Mountains in the eyes of foreign tourists



  I couldn’t forget the moments that I’’ve spent in Wangmang Mountain. I would say it was like a dreamland, an extraordinary place to view mountains and forests of pine covered with clouds. I believe that mountaineering is a culture which is deeply seeped in ethics and ideals. It symbolizes how closely man and nature are intertwined together. It was incredible to visit Wangmangling scenic area, which is located in Lingchuan County of Shanxi province. In fact, my memory bank is filled with remembrances of the time I spent there... closeness with nature, beautiful and unique views, good ecological environment, cool weather etc. The effects of the change in altitude can be felt there. The cold and the somberness of nature warn the entrant of divine territory.






  The beauty of the Wangmangling is picture-perfect, a fusion of high mountain valleys and lakes, of many streams. It is unique for its sceneries such as cloud seas, sunrise, marvelous peaks, waves of pines, cliff edge road. It is said that it’s a pity that people just know about Mt. Huangshan, Guilin and Zhangjiajie, but not Wangmangling. Yes, I agree to this statement. If you don’t know about Wangmangling, it means you don’t know the ideal and perfect place of China. In Wangmangling scenic area, the serenity lies in the sunshine, light, water, greenery, mountains, mist, cloud. With my experience, I can certainly say that it is the most coziest place in China, I’ve ever been to.






  Our group went to the high altitude of Wangmangling Mountain by mini bus. Transportation of Wangmang Mountain and all the other infrastructure facilities are perfectly built, and nearby villages and areas are also well developed. I was so astonished to see these kinds of development there. If you would go to Wangmang Mountain, you may feel the spirits of mountain and hear the historical sites. There are more than 50 hills with the highest altitude reaching 1665 meters and lowest standing at 800 meters.






  Wangmang Mountain boasts numerous unique peaks and advantaged geographical conditions. It is hard for people standing in the mountain to describe their feelings, while it is clear that they can realize themselves quite close to the nature and everything around is admirable. There is nothing that is more spectacular than the sunrise in Wangmang Mountain. Whenever it is sunny, the ridges and peaks immerse in the vast cloud sea. We can see a large area of green forests and graceful flowers on the cliffs and beside the path.






  Other than Wangmang mountain, there is a small village of Xiyagou situated right on a mountaintop which was earlier isolated from the rest of the world. The only way to reach there was to walk through a valley surrounded by steep cliffs, and then climb a series of cut out stone steps. Cut off from the rest of the world, the village was doomed to become a ghost town, unless a road could be constructed through the cliffs. The villagers of the Xiyagou have tried hard to dig the tunnel and construct a road through difficulties. It was their only hope to get connected to the rest of the world. After all, the construction of the tunnel was a success. The village is now accessible by car, a huge leap forward. When China opened its borders for tourism around the year 2000, the tunnel became an attraction with thousands of visitors every year. The village even started to build hotels to accommodate all these guests.






  At last, I would like to say that climbing is a tradition that exhibits the spirit of mankind. It's a sacred feeling where the only reward is within your heart. Wangmang Mountain provides a perfect landscape for photographers, professional or amateur, the canvas of the mountain scenery. The sheer size and magnificence of the mountains with its peaks lost in the clouds is a sight that can leave anyone breathless. The might of nature reminds me of the sheer insignificance of man. I have stood still for hours just gazing at the play of the Mountain Gods. I have seen Heaven meeting Earth. I have seen the bridge between divinity and reality. I have seen it. I have been there.






  Writer: Akhil Parashar, Foreign Correspondent for China Radio International
  作者:Akhil Parashar,中国国际广播电台外籍通讯员






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